Hair: Symbol of Femininity

Standing before the mirror in the ladies’ room during an interval at the symphony, combing my hair, a young woman approached and said, “What colour was your hair? I hope mine goes white like yours.” I said I did not remember, and went back to my seat, wondering why hair should be so important. Was all of this just vanity or did hair have other secret meanings?

As a child, I had straight dark-blonde hair, while my sister had the curly light blonde locks. She was called the “English rose” with her pink cheeks and blonde curls, the one who was to die young and tragically. Later, I grew my hair longer and wore it in two thick plaits down my back.

I was thinking that why our young Mother with her soft, restless curls, married this old, distant man with his bald head? Was she in love with this man who had, we discovered, left his first wife to marry her, a slim young girl with lustrous eyes and curls?

During the civil war when women were not to battle, hundreds of women soldiers disguised themselves as men by cutting off their hair, eventually being imprisoned upon discovery. After the Battle of France in 1940, French women’s heads were shaved as punishment for their sexual relationships with German soldiers. History shows that hair is a symbol of femininity.

We often see our hair as a reflection of our identity because it is both personal and public. When a woman’s hair is too fine, too frizzy, too dry, turning grey or falling out, her self-esteem is seriously affected. This deep relationship between hair and self-esteem is evident throughout history, philosophy and even religion. The average woman spends approximately $50,000 on her hair over her lifetime. This is not just because many of us believe that appearances are important, but also because our hair represents our personality, thoughts and beliefs.

Homeopathic Treatment for Hair Fall

What to do if we start experiencing Hair thinning, Hair fall and hampered growth of Hair in young age in spite of spending two hours a week washing & styling our hair and spending thousands of dollars in saloons? I experienced similar phase in my life when I was 35 and feeling really low. Thanks to Homeopathic Treatment for Hair Fall which really helped me to gain my hair and confidence back. It found it as easy as well convenient as it was Homeopathic Consultation Online. Here I would like to share that why I chose Homeopathic Treatment for Hair Fall and Homeopathic Consultation Online. As Homeopathic treatment is safe and effective without any side-effects. Online Homeopathic Consultation always saves your travel time and waiting at Doctor’s clinic. My doctor is from Ahmadabad, INDIA so it was must for me to go for Homeopathic Consultation Online as I am being based in Europe.

I would conclude with what I learned from my mother to love the simple things: the sticky leaves in the spring, my children, our grand children and all of the mankind in its diversity of colours and cultures, long-haired or curled short, love for all those lost and gained.


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